COMSHARP CMS Leading Features

As enterprise CMS, COMSHARP CMS is based on the real requirements of a large number of enterprises. We designed unique features to satisfy the requirements, including Compile Level Theme, JIT Render Engine, Front End Editing (FrEE), PC + Mobile Adaption, Multi Language Support, W3C Compliance, and SEO Support

Front End Editing - FrEE

Font End Editing is the most unique feature of COMSHARP CMS. Unlike traditional CMS which composes and organizes content in backend, the Front End Editing (FrEE) system of COMSHARP CMS edits and organizes all content directly on front end pages. You can create, delete, hide, move content, as well as uploading picture, video, audio, online map, online doc and downloadable files. In the same time, you can create and organize content folders directly on front end pages. Read more on Front End Editing ...

W3C Compliance

COMSHARP CMS uses most strict W3C standard XHTML STRICT to render pages. The pages rendered by COMSHARP CMS perfectly support all web browsers, including desktop  IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, as well as mobile browsers unders iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Read more on W3C Compliance ...

Compile Level Theme & Template

Unlike traditional CMS which uses thousands of Tags to render page content in script level, COMSHARP CMS uses visual parameters to control the page render in DLL level. Read more on compile Level Theme & Template ...

JIT Render Engine

COMSHARP CMS uses ASP.NET Core, instead of Webform to render end pages in millisecond level. Read more on JIT Render Engine ...

Builtin SEO Policy and Tools

COMSHARP CMS is SEO friendly with builtin SEO policy like static URL, static content, static navigation etc, and  SEO tools like search engine submission assistance, site authentication, Goolge Analytics. Read more on Builtin SEO Policy and Tools ...

Snapshot of COMSHARP CMS Website

Following are COMSHARP CMS webpages after installation. 

Theme 1


Theme 2


Backend Admin Page

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